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Human Biology: The Respiratory System (grades 5-8)

The respiratory system has the job of providing the body with the oxygen it needs to function. 

Lungs and Blood Oxygenation

Your lungs hold air so that your blood can be oxygenated. This demonstration helps determine about how much air your lungs hold.

The Respiratory System

The Respiratory system includes the trachea, larynx, lungs, bronchial tubes and diaphragm.

Make a Edible Model of the Respiratory System

Draw a diagram of the respiratory system and label arrows to show what happens when we breathe.

Vocal Cords

A good example of how your vocal chords work is to make a simple musical instrument by putting rubber bands over a cardboard box with an opening. Similarly to how this musical instrument works, your vocal chords are stretched tight and air passes over them, making them vibrate and therefore a humming sound.

Other Circulation and Respiration Systems

There are many types of circulatory and respiratory systems in nature. Sponges, for example, we have learned, have mobile cells that travel throughout their bodies, exchanging oxygen for cell waste, as well as other jobs as needed.
Even plants have a circulatory system, of sorts. Tubes called xylem run throughout the plant, transporting water up from the roots to the rest of the plant, and other tubes, called phloem, carry food from the leaves down to the rest of the plant.


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