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Class Insecta

from Nature Portfolio
"Insects belong to the largest class in the Animal Kingdom. They are found in every part of the world."


The order Orthoptera, which means "straight wing" in Greek, includes the grasshoppers, locusts, crickets, and katydids.

from Nature Portfolio
"Before many insects reach adulthood they pass through a series of changes called metamorphosis."


Moths and Butterflies

Al members of this order have four wings, covered with scales. They have sucking mouthparts, usually in the form of a coiled tube, the proboscis. They have four discrete stages in the life cycle.

from Nature Portfolio


Flies and Mosquitoes

Diptera are divided into two suborders, the Nematocera which are more slender flies as the mosquitoes and Brachycera, which are heavier built such as the familiar housefly. 

from Nature Portfolio
"The larvae of beetles are found in the soil, eating roots and other plant material. These larvae are called grub."



The beetles comprise the Order Coleoptera, which means "sheath wings,"  and describes one of the main distinguishing features of beetles. While many other winged insects have two pairs of wings, in beetles the front pair of wings is modified into elytra – coverings that fold back over the hind (flying) wings and protect them at rest. 

from Nature Portfolio
"Ants are the most industrious insects, working all day and, when there is necessity, even at night."


The order Hymenoptera includes ants, bees and wasps.


Odonata is a order of winged insects that includes dragonflies and damselflies. They have large eyes, long abdomens, and four veined wings. Antennae are short.



  1. Great notebooking pages! If you are all interested, I am teaching a 6-week entomology course beginning in May. It is free! It is explained in more detail here, http://academiacelestia.blogspot.com/2013/04/an-introduction-to-entomology-free.html

  2. I love dragonflies, that's a great picture of one you found.

    Love the ant notebooking page.


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