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Nature Study Lesson #105: Mosquitos

Summer Mosquito Study @handbookofnaturestudy

We are studying invertebrates and the boys became interested in wigglers that can be found in a bucket of water. I read about them in the Handbook of Nature Study pages 411-415. We also checked out of the library a book called Mosquito Bite by Alexandria Siy. It is full of color-enhanced microphotographs that record the life cycle of the mosquito.

As the weather gets warmer, you may be able to find them, too. Look anywhere you can find some standing water and collect a jar full of water and hopefully you will get some larvae or pupae to observe. 
Alex included a piece from Nature Portfolio from Homeschool Journey

Then we recorded some of what we learned. Some of us used plain paper for a more nature journaling style and some used the mosquito notebooking pages at Notebooking Fairy for a more notebooking style.

Did you know that mosquitoes are a type of fly? Flies belong to the group Diptera which means, "two-wings." Most insects have four wings but members of this order have only two true wings. The do have two little paddles, which keep the insect's body balanced while it is flying, called halteres that look like tiny wings.

After nature journaling or notebooking, be sure to dump your wigglers out on the ground so they don't develop into mosquitoes!

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  1. Anonymous27.3.13

    I'm looking forward to looking at our pond water under a microscope soon- something we didn't get round to this month!
    Alex did a great job with his note page!

  2. Huh, I didn't know mosquitoes were a type of fly. I think when we studied flying creatures I kind of skimmed over that chapter. I'm rather unfond of them, they're on my list of animals entitled: Why did God create these, them and scorpions.


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