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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

The Progressive Era, 1890-1913

Alex's (age 18, special needs) timeline (Timeline from Homeschool in the Woods): "A time of political, social , moral and economic reforms. The idea was to eliminate corruption in politics, regulate business practices and support democracy and activism."
We also studied...
 the Oklahoma Land Rush, 1889
Quentin's (age 8) map of the Growth of the US along side the timeline. He color coded the states on both to coordinate them.

states to achieve statehood in the 1889-1890's: South Dakota, North Dakota, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah
The Battle of Wounded Knee, 1890
Mary Cassatt
Pullman Strike Begins, 1894
Homeland Strike, 1892
Johnstown Flood, 1889 (We will be talking more about this next week.)
A European missionary's map of Africa, circa 1908

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  1. I think next time around we will add in timelines, I have not really touched on them this time, and I really want to. I figure they're still young, and as long as they're getting some of it........


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