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Postcard Geography Album: Washington State, “The Evergreen State”

This week's geography page features the state of Washington.
This state is interesting to us because the kids paternal grandfather comes from this state and Steven spent a number of summers there.
From our coloring page, we learned the state tree, Western Hemlock, the state bird, Willow Goldfinch, and the state flower, Coast Rhododendron. We looked up their coloring on the Internet.

We received a lovely postcard from our dear blog friends Debbie and Selena at Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn.  Debbie has a wonderful blog that tells about the learning activities of their super bright granddaughter, Selena. She also hosts a weekly history and geography meme.
On the postcard, Debbie writes about her state,
"We have it all
ocean, rivers, mountains and a lot of history around us."

James decided to put the postcard in the corner of the map that the postcard covers, the Olympic Peninsula.
We also received another postcard from Washington state through Postcrossing, which shows a farm from the rural areas.

James found the state without any trouble and colored it in, too.

Quentin and I colored in a picture of the state quarter, but we couldn't fit it on the scrapbook page.
We learned that Washington entered the union in 1889.
"Discover the wonders of Washington State, from its natural beauty (Mount Rainier and evergreen forests), to its famous residents (Jimi Hendrix and Big Foot) and familiar skyline (Seattle's Space Needle)." 

recipe and photo from Mommy's Kitchen
You can't study Washington state without peeling a few apples...for apple pie, of course.
What a sweet study!

12 states (24%) and Washington, DC in our postcard-geography album


  1. I am hoping that one day we might go on a road trip and maybe visit Debbie for real. Great State study!

  2. My kids loved Washington for the apples as well.

  3. Before you move on to another state you should Google Leavonworth, WA - it's such a cute, funny little tourist town. We used to stay there once a year, in the summer, when our oldest were tiny.

  4. This is another exciting learning page, Phylls. It's cool to see all the red shaded part of the map of the USA. You're almost halfway covering all states.
    As for us here with our Postcard Exchange Project,we have yet to collect more...but they coming in though :-)
    Have a nice day. Thanks for linking up to our meme.

  5. I agree with Leah! Leavonworth is truly worth a little virtual visit. Glad you received the postcard. Great study on Washington.

  6. This looks like a fun study for you all!

  7. Hi Phyllis, we are in Alabama. we would love to exchange post cards with you guys. We have been wanting to do this for a few years. I would be glad to exchange with others from other states also if they would drop by my blog and post me a comment letting us know they need post cards from Alabama.


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