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50 States Snack Party

 To celebrate our completion of our Postcard-Geography Album, we had a 50-states snack party featuring:
a punch made of pineapple juice for Hawaii,
and orange juice for Florida,
dried blueberries for Maine,
dried cherries for Michigan,
chocolate chunks for Pennsylvania,
peanuts for Georgia,
shoestring potato snacks for Idaho,
mini moon pies for Tennessee,
pumpkin seeds for New Hampshire, whose state fruit is the pumpkin,
pecans for Alabama,
sweet potato chips for North Carolina and Louisiana
apple chips for Washington and New York,
cranberries for Massachusetts,
cheese for Wisconsin,
corn chex for Oklahoma,
corn chips for Texas and New Mexico,
popcorn for Illinois,
purple grapes for Missouri
 They picked whatever they wanted for their own homemade snack mix and we talked and quizzed each other about the different states.
What snack would you choose to represent your state?

Even though we have completed scrapbook pages for all 50 states (and Washington DC), we were unable to get postcards for all the states. We still would like to add postcards to our album for these states:
If you live in any of these states and would like to help us with this project, please leave a comment on how I can get in touch with you. Thank you!

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  1. OK this is just too cool! Of course I quickly looked for Alabama. Phyllis I love this! LOVE IT! Wow you do so many awesome things with your kiddos.

  2. Hmmmm...... I'm not really sure. Maybe chips and salsa, it's a good question of what I'd choose.

  3. Snack to represent MS: Mississippi Mud Pie! ;-)

  4. Donna in Idaho24.8.12

    Huckleberries for Idaho! Yum yum!


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