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The Reconquest of Spain (1037-1588)

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Sam's notebook page using this method

For over 450 years the rulers of Spain fought to drive the Moors out. This long struggle to win back land is known as the "Reconquest of Spain."
The most famous solider of the Reconquest was known as El Cid.
Alex's journal page from Homeschool Journey's Renaissance History Portfolio
The last kingdom of Spain to be won back was Granada, which was reconquered in 1492.
After Columbus discovered the New World, many Spanish explorers claimed land and brought back gold to Spain. The English ships raided Spainish ports and stole treasure from Spanish ships.
King Philip II of Spain was furious that the English were raiding Spanish ships and decided to lead a Catholic attack on England. In 1588, he sent a large fleet of ships called an armada to invade England. After several battles, one of which involved the English sent ships deliberately set on fire in order to blow up the Spanish ships full of gunpowder, the Spanish Armada was defeated.

We will talk more about Ferdinand and Isabella's grandson, Charles V, when we learn about the Hapsburgs.
They also learned about Don Quixote and watched the Wishbone episode about it.
Another interesting fact for us was that it was under Philip II rule, that the Spanish Empire expanded to include Portugal and the Philippine Islands.

A Pilgrim's Heart has wonderful notebook pages on The Aztecs, Incans and the Spanish Conquest.

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