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The Aztecs (1300-1500)

We have been studying the Aztec Empire all week.  I read to the little boys from Usborne Encyclopedia of World History. We are also using the Aztec unit that we had left to do from the History Pockets Ancient Civilizations book. My boys do not like to color, so this was not a favorite activity, but variety is nice all around. In this unit is a Aztec calendar to put together and color.

There is also puppets of an Aztec man and woman to color, and some vocabulary words with pictures for them to fill in the definitions.

The best in-depth book on the Aztecs (Incans and Mayans, too) for children is made by the owner of Sonlight Curriculum, John Holtzman, Incans, Aztecs and Mayans. It gives an in-depth account of these Empires, explaining how the thought and what they did without condemning the behaviors of either the Aztecs or the Conquistadors who conquered them in 1521.

Hernan Cortes
1485 – December 2, 1547) was a Spanish conquistador who led an expedition that caused the fall of the Aztec Empire and brought large portions of mainland Mexico under the rule of the King of Castile in the early 16th century.
from A Pilgrim's Heart

A Pilgrim's Heart has wonderful timelines and lapbook pieces for the Aztec and Incan Empires.
We also completed some related map activities.

Interactive 3D Maps: American History

Another activity that would be great to do is a drawing of an Aztec warrior.
Lesson plans can be found at Deep Space Sparkle.
More Resources for older students at Academia Celestia.
Or, this Aztec File Folder book at That Artist Woman
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  1. Wonderful! We did this study with History Pockets last year. The kids REALLY enjoyed it!


  2. I got to go to one of their cities, or was it Mayans, and they were crazy blood thirsty.

    I've been thinking about getting the pockets of time series.

  3. Great study. Thank you for linking up this week.


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