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The Rise of the Russians {700-1240}

(map of Middle East from another history study)
Vikings arriving and Santa Sophia Cathedral in Kiev

Around the year 700 Vikings from Sweden began to travel down rivers into the area that is now western Russia, eventually settling down with the Slavs who lived there.

Rurik the Rus
Around 862 a Viking leader called Rurik captured the Slavic city of Novgorod, which is where we get the name "Russian." The Rus, as the people were called, won lots of land and eventually moved their capital city to Kiev.

Vladimir and Yaroslav the Wise
Vladimir became prince of Kiev in 978 and forced many of his people to become Christians. Yaroslav, on the other hand, was more interested in arts, learning, trade and building a strong government. Saint Sophia's Cathedral in Kiev was build during Yaroslav's reign.

In 1240 Kiev was captured by the Tartars, wandering tribes of Mongols. They called their kingdom the Khanate of the Golden Horde, forcing tribute from Russian rulers.

This is a great book about the Tartars for about 4th grade and up.

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