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A is for Apple

Kinetic Activities: We started off our "A is for Apple" week by Katie leading the boys out in the backyard to pick the apples off the tree. She has decided to help me teach Quentin this year, completing some of the hands-on activities, so she helped Quentin make apple prints on an "A" made of construction paper.

Feeding the peels to the rabbit is an enjoyable way to spend time together.

Snacks: Quentin also made, with Katie's supervision, apple snacks for teatime. For these cute apple mouths all you do is smear apple slices with peanut butter and place mini marshmallows on top.
Math: Math activities were also included, graphing red, green and yellow apples.
Handwriting: Quentin has the advantage of being the fifth child as far as choices of curriculum and activities goes. I am using A Reason for Writing for his handwriting sheets because they are simple and clear and have the reward of a picture to color at the end of the week. The kids always enjoy adding things to the coloring pages. This week we added real apple seeds to his finished apple picture for a 3-D look. I also use the materials with Handwriting Without Tears. We made Play-doh "snakes" and put them on the plastic coated cards. This gives students reinforcement in how to form the letters in another way besides handwriting sheets, which can get boringly repetitious.

Stories: Katie also began reading Curious George's ABCs. This is a really cute book which makes the shapes of the letters into drawings. The small "a" is in the shape of an apple slice and the capital "A" is the shape of the mouth of an alligator. She is encouraging Quentin to copy the drawings. Some are easier than others, however.

And lastly, apple week was filled with lots of apple crunching by us all.

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