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Experimenting with Model Rockets: Launch Day

The last thing we needed to do before we could launch the rockets was to insert the igniter into the engine. After this was done,
we stationed two people, one upwind and one downwind, to use their clinometers to take angular readings so that we could triangulate the highest point each rocket reached.

We announced each person, their rocket's name and what changes they made to their rocket to vary it from the control rocket.

The results of the launch? Which rockets went the highest? The results might surprise you. I will be posting about it next week.


  1. Oh! You are leaving us on tether hooks! Can't wait to hear all about it.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. That photo of your rocket shooting up leaving a trail is so awesome! And I also love your new header photo. You look so happy. :-)

  3. Looking forward to the results. My son makes his own rockets and thoroughly enjoys each launch!

  4. I love your new picture up at the top, it looks so happy.

    I think we're going to set out this afternoon early for Kung Fu and buy our models.


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