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Experimenting with Model Rockets, Part 6: Preparing for Launch Day

We finished making our rockets this week. After the rockets were completed, I prepared the students for Launch Day.
To prepare for the day we launch the rockets, I had each student bring their finished rocket to the front of the class and have them announce the name of their rocket and I wrote this next to the student's name on my launch day record sheet. The student then described their experiment to the class. I also assigned the four students that would track the altitude the rocket ascends, two downwind and two upwind of the launch site.
We also went over the procedure of the launch so they would understand how it would go.

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  1. Launch days are just the most exciting thing about rocketry. My son loves making and setting off his rockets. So much joy!

  2. It's going to be so cool to see how it goes.


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