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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

World Geography: Asia: Burma

Fishermen of Ingle Lake from Burma Tours
"The floodplain of the Irrawaddy River at Pagan dotted with ancient pagodas; the leg-rowing fishermen of Ingle Lake;
Reclining Buddha of Pegu from Weather Forcast 365
 the giant reclining Buddha of Pegu; 
Golden Spires of Shwedragon Pagoda from Asia Explorers
the golden spires of the Shwe Dragon Pagoda; the morning mists over Rangoon harbor -all were the stuff of lifelong memories." 
-World Food Cafe, Chris and Carolyn Caldicott
We enjoyed a lovely Burmese-style dinner which included Salmon, Edamame, Lemongrass Rice and Cucumber and  Sesame Seed Salad. 
 We learned what the flag of Burma looks like and that their government is a military dictatorship.
We learned a little about Buddhism.


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