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Field Trip: Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons, Maryland

If you are ever in the vicinity of Southern Maryland, be sure to stop at the Calvert Marine Museum.
Your admission fee (Adults $9.00, Children ages 5 to 12 $4.00 and Children under 5 free) for the museum also allows you to tour the Drum Point lighthouse.

The museum itself has exhibits highlighting the historical and natural environments of the Chesapeake Bay area, including a children's Discovery room and the otter habitat.
You can also take a marsh walk, oyster house, woodcarving shop and more.
For more information: Calvert Marine Museum.

Do you have any similar museums where you live?


  1. Looks like such a fun field trip!

  2. I think Google ate my first comment.

    I don't know if we have a similar place. We have several different ones that combined would be like this one.


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