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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Ancient Greece: Archaic Period (800 BC – 480 BC)

After coming out of it's Dark Ages, the Greek culture began to revive. As mainland Greece could not grow enough food to feed all of its people, trade grew between the Greek cities and their colonies and with the Phoenicians (eastern Mediterranean).

Types of Government

By this time, mainland Greece was made up of a cluster of small city-states. During this time most of these were governed by groups of aristocrats forming an Aristocracy (oligarchy) type government. But as the middle class of merchants and craftsmen began to prosper, they resented being ruled by the aristocrats. As a peaceful measure, the people sometimes allowed one powerful leader to rule alone, forming a Tyrant type government. One such tyrant was Draco, who is known for his severe laws.
Solon was another tyrant who introduced social reform.
Cleisthenes came to power in 508 BC and introduced a new system of government called democracy.


Athens vs. Sparta
Sparta is in control of all southern Peloponnese by 700 BC
We filled out a venn diagram comparing and contrasting Athens and Sparta.

Olympic Games

We reviewed the Olympics and how it started and the boys made notebook pages on it.


Black Figure Pottery

 The black figure style pottery appeared in Greece in the middle to late Archaic period. It was originally a 7th century Corinthian invention. We, at first, were planning to do another Art in History project, but Quentin spied this Terracotta-colored Clay and decided that he would like to make his own project. I had him pick his favorite Greek myth to depict on the piece and he chose the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.
He also made a jug and cup with some of the leftover clay for his Playmobil figures.

Attic red-figure pottery

The innovation of the red-figure technique was an Athenian invention of the late 6th century. The ability to render detail by direct painting rather than incision offered new possibilities to artists such as three-quarter profiles, greater detail and perspective.

Other Places During this Time

During this same time period, the prophet Daniel is living in Babylon serving Darius the Mede, who rule Babylon under Cyrus. 

Assyrian Empire is at its height, with Sargon its ruler.

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