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Ancient Egypt: The Greco-Roman Period {332 BC-395 AD} and Egyptologists

Cleopatra and Mark Anthony

The demise of the Ptolemies' power coincided with the rise of the Roman Empire. Having little choice, and seeing one city after another falling, the Ptolemies decided to ally with the Romans, a pact that lasted over 150 years. During the rule of the later Ptolemies, Rome gained more and more power over Egypt.
In the summer of 47 BC, having married her younger brother Ptolemy XIV, Cleopatra and Caesar embarked for a two-month trip along the Nile. In 44 BC, Caesar was murdered in Rome by several Senators. With his death, Rome split between supporters of Mark Antony and Octavian. Cleopatra was watching in silence, and when Mark Antony seemed to prevail, she supported him and, shortly after, they too became lovers. After losing to Octavian's forces, Antony committed suicide. Cleopatra followed suit, according to tradition killing herself by means of an asp bite. Egypt became the Roman province.

Champion and the Rosetta Stone

Prior to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone there had been no understanding of the Ancient Egyptian language and script since shortly before the fall of the Roman Empire. The Greek text on the Rosetta Stone provided the starting point. Champollion, in 1822, identified the phonetic characters k l e o p a t r a. On the basis of this and the foreign names on the Rosetta Stone, he quickly constructed an alphabet of phonetic hieroglyphic characters,

Howard Carter and King Tutankhamen Tomb

Howard Carter was an English archaeologist and Egyptologist who became world famous after discovering the intact tomb of 14th-century BC pharaoh Tutankhamun. When Carnarvon, Carter's benefactor asked him when discovering the tomb, "Can you see anything?", Carter replied with the famous words: "Yes, wonderful things."

James pretended to be Howard Carter for our Around the World Night and he showed people some of the finds from his tomb.

High School

Sam chose one ruler from each of the six eras of Ancient Egypt's history and researched and outline the events of significance in the lives and reigns of these rulers. He then wrote an essay comparing and contrasting two of these individuals, showing similarities
and differences in their leadership styles.

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  1. What a better looking Howard Carter, too! :)

  2. Succint information about Egypt. I've always found Howard Carter and Champillion fascinating people for their hard work. Then I was even more intrigued when I read the Kane Chronicle books.


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