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Science Investigations that all students should do Before High School, #1: Disappearing Minerals

#1: Disappearing Minerals

This is a classic science investigation because it is easy and it is fun.
First take an uncooked egg and plop it in a glass or jar of water. Watch it for a bit and see it form bubbles as the calcium in the eggshell is starting to dissolve.
June 2008
I know it looks like James is about to take a drink of the vinegar, but actually he is trying to get a closer look at the egg, and smell the vinegar.

After about a week the egg will look like this.
The shell disappears entirely and all you have left is a little membrane.

You can do a similar demonstration with a chicken bone. Test a clean and dry chicken bone to see how difficult it is to bend. Be careful, though, you don't want to break it! Now put the bone in vinegar, covering it fully. Keep the bone in the vinegar for about a week. You can test it's flexibility each day but if you do, put it back into the vinegar when you are finished testing it. Is it getting more flexible?

The vinegar dissolves the minerals in the bone, leaving primarily just the collagen, which is what makes bones flexible.


  1. I remember doing similar experiments! I love the variety of experiments you do with your children. Very inspiring as always! :-)

  2. So much fun. We've done the egg shell one a few times and I'm always amazed at how strong the membrane is.

  3. Ooh, I'm excited about this series! Last time we did this I forgot about them - they were a bit smelly when we found them. We'll do it in a more scientific manner next time!


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