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Quentin's (age 9) notebook page
After reading about Neo-Babylonia, we created a paragraph of narration together and I typed up. 

Pulleys and other Simple Machines

We reviewed how pulleys work and we looked at them in terms of Babylon's Hanging Gardens.
The Power of Pulleys
How could they have used these simple machines to accomplish so much? This led to much discussion.

Babylonian Captivity

Babylon attacked Jerusalem, tearing down the walls and burning down the Temple. Thousands of Jews were carried off into captivity. We read about Jeremiah and Daniel, prophets of this time period.


  1. I can't wait until we reach the Hanging Gardens, it'll be fun to try and think about them and maybe try to reconstruct them.

  2. We enjoyed listening about the Babylon in the SOTW. I love how you pair it up with simple machines.


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