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Introduction to Africa

How big is Africa.... very cool
We began our study of Africa by trying to get the continent in perspective. I found this map that shows just how large the second largest continent is.
Then we colored in a physical map of the continent.
As with all countries, you can learn about...
Bodies of Water-oceans and the major bodies of water located on or around the continent
Countries- How many are there? What are their names? We will be learning about each one of the countries of Africa, but regions or select countries might be all you need to learn about.
Climate- What’s the weather like?
Biomes- Are there specific habitats in Africa?
Animals and Vegetation
Natural Resources- What minerals and other natural resources are exported from Africa? How have these resources influenced the history of Africa?
Time Zones- How many time zones are in Africa? Choose a few cities and compare what time it is there with your own time.

Africa is an exciting place to study as it is home of the Sahara Desert, jungles, the Nile and Congo Rives, Egypt and the pyramids, King Tut and Cleopatra!
There are so many things to learn about when studying Africa...
Sahara desert
Nile River
rain forests
Great Pyramid of Giza
Cleopatra Vii, Queen of Egypt
King Tut, Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th century
Nefertiti, queen of Egypt

And there are so many things you can do...
Make a salt dough map of the continent
Discover Africa Notebooking Packet from Balancing Everything
10 Days in Africa from Out of the Box games

  • A Glorious Age in Africa: The Story of 3 Great African Empires, Daniel Chu, (2nd grade/7 and up) The account of the Africans from the 8th to the16th century, highlighted by the successive rise of three Sudanese empires.
  • David Livingstone: Africa's Trailblazer, Janet Benge, (2nd grade/7 and up)
  • The Rat-Catcher's Son and other stories, Carolyn London
  • Journey to Jo’burg: A South African Story, Beverley Naidoo
    Any of the 14 stories from Africa in 80 Tales Around the World pp.114-134


  1. We just learned about Nefertiti and King Tut in history in the last couple of weeks.

    I like the visual from the first picture.


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