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Art Concepts: Learning About Tints

We explored the concepts of tints and shades this week. 
We began with this excellent video by Amanda of Hearts and Trees {daughter of Harmony Art Mom}. 

Since we are studying jellyfish, instead of the circles, we painted one large blue oval on the paper.
Quentin's, age 8
They mixed white with the blue and painted inside the circle, each ring gets progressively lighter until they got to the center. Next they added black to the blue and painted rings on the outside of the circle, each ring getting darker until they hit the outside.

Alex's, age 17
Alex's, age 17
After they dried, we used chalk pastel to turn them into deep blue ocean scenes.
Quentin's, age 8

And, as a snack we tinted banana pudding in varying degrees. I am afraid that the layers did not show up too well in the pictures, but you get the idea. The yellow color of the pudding did make our blue a bit on the green side, however. If you want to try this, you might want to use vanilla or cheesecake flavors as they look a bit whiter.
I had planned to make this cake instead but I didn't want to use the oven in triple-digit weather.



  1. The cake would have been nice - but I really like the pudding idea. It's simple, but right on point.

  2. why ever not? I mean, it's only a little extra heat :)


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