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Postcards from Tennessee

What a wonderful surprise we found in our mailbox today!
Postcards from our blog friends in Tennessee, The Fantastic Five!
It was wonderful for the children's anticipation of our vacation coming up to Tennessee!
Since we are finished for school until after our vacation, we won't be adding them to our geography album until after our vacation, and began our Summer Learning Fun, but we enjoyed getting them so much, I wanted to share them with you.
Wonder Mom sent each of the kids their own postcard!

 Dear Sam, Have y'all every been to visit our Great Smokey Mountains here in East Tennessee?
If you have, you may have been able to visit the place on the front of this card- Cades Cove. It is so pretty there -especially in the Fall. You might even see a black bear while you are there!

Dear Katie, Much love from East Tennessee! I know the picture on the front may seem a bit strange, but it is important to Tennessee. The Railroads definitely have a place in Tennessee's history -haven't you heard about the Chattanooga Choo Choo Train?

Dear Quentin, Greetings from the Volunteer State! We live in Knoxville, TN -home of the 1982 World's Fair. Our city skyline is "famous" for the building you see on the postcard -The Sunsphere! Everything looks "golden" when you are inside the sphere.

 Dear Alex, Hello from K-town East Tennessee! The picture on the front of this postcard is a view of Knoxville's "Old City." Every city has a beginning and this was ours. I like to imagine it full of people on the streets and riding around in horse drawn carriages.

Dear James, Greetings from the city who houses the Bijou's historical beginning can date all the way back to 1801! We have been to a few events in this beautiful theater, including plays and concerts. Do you like to explore "old" buildings?

The kids are really excited now!


  1. How wonderful of her to send all the kids their own postcard! This is just precious! We are going to the Smokey Mountains next week. We are so excited because it is our 1st vacation in 6 years! Happy weekend Phyllis. And thank you for commenting on Keilee's blog. She was so excited!

  2. I can imagine how excited they are! It looks so fun!

  3. Oh, and see if you can visit some of the Davy Crockett stuff while you're there, it was closed when we passed through (or is it Daniel Boone? Why do I get those two confused?)

  4. Yahoo- I am SO HAPPY they have been inspired for your Tennessee vacation! And yes- email me about getting together- I would love to meet you and your precious family Phyllis!


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