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Saint Francis DeSales

Little Log Cabin

James had fun putting together this model of a little log cabin.
We used some Wooden Skill Sticks which are popsicle sticks with notches cut in them, some glue, some clay and a little thin cardboard or card-stock.
The little notches in the sticks make it pretty obvious how to put them together to form the log cabin. The door way was made from sticks with the center pieces punched out. He then put self-hardening clay all along the inside walls to make the daubing (mud needed to fill the gaps.)
Now all was needed was the roof!
 The roof was made with a bit of brown card-stock, which we folded in half. We just eyed it by putting it on the bottom framework and cutting it down to make it look the right size. James then snapped off the ends of the Skill Sticks to make them the right size and glued them to the card-stock, leaving a little space along the fold.
We filled in the area in the front and back from where we had left off to the tip of the roof with varying sizes of Skill Sticks glued together. We were pleased with how realistic looking the little log cabin turned out to be.


  1. I've been meaning to get that type of popsicle stick for a while....... I need to get off my but and get some, because my kids would LOVE them.

    And I love the idea of adding the clay for the mud mortar.

  2. A nice exercise for problem solving and creative thinking!

  3. This will also fit nicely into a "Little House on the the Prairie" novel study!


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