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Counting: Introduction (Pre K-2)

  Count and Turn
This game is like a military drill. They march and count to a specific number and then turn in unison to face another direction, and start the count over again. This game helps young people like Quentin practice counting without it being boring, and is a nice drill in paying attention and working together for the older boys. They had a lot of fun at this and played it even after school was over.

We also practice counting by playing the following games, using the number of the day, so you end up practicing from 1-30/31 each month.
The Counting Game
The teacher or one of the older children counts to the day's number while the students count along and add a block onto a square of construction paper as each number is recited.
The Pendulum Game
A weight is tied to a length of string. The children watch the pendulum swinging freely and count along with it. The teacher stops and restarts the motion at the end of the counting sequence for the  number of the day.
Active Counting Games
Have two children sit with their arms linked together. Count to the number of the day and then have them stand. Do this several times until they can do it on their own.
Have the child hop forward while counting, changing direction at the end of the sequence for the number of the day.
Have the child stand on the teacher or older child's feet and walk around counting each step until you reach the number of the day.
Ring a xylophone, bounce a ball or jump a rope, counting up to the number of the day.
Toy Counting Game
Have the students line up a row of stuffed animals, plastic figures, toy cars or other toys. Have them count until the reach the number of the day and then, move the last toy forward. Begin again where he left off. Keep doing this until there are no more toys that haven't been pulled forward. This can also be done with a group of children standing in a circle. The child can sit down instead of moving forward.

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