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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Dogwood Trees in November

Our nature study this week was the Dogwood tree in autumn.
James took some photos of the tree when it was full of beautiful red leaves.
The Dogwood is a great tree for a year-long study because it is so beautiful in all seasons.

Once the leaves fell off, the prettiest red berries were revealed.
We made an Autumn table arrangement of  orange Sassafras leaves and Dogwood branches with red berries.


  1. I agree with you...every season is lovely with the dogwood. Ours is just tinging with color...reddish-orange. I can hardly wait for it to turn. We may have snow this weekend so that will bolt it right to color or make it drop its leaves. We shall see.

    Loved seeing your tree!

  2. Isn't sassafras fun to say?

    Beautiful arrangement!!


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