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American Revolution, Part I: Prelude to Revolution

This week I decided to start our history lesson by showing the episode of Andy Griffith (Andy Discovers America) in with there is a discussion about history. Here is the part of the episode where Andy ignites the children' interest in American history.

After this fun introduction, we read this version of Longfellow's Paul Revere's Ride.

I copied the map on the inside cover of the book, and they colored the routes, Revere, Dawes and Prescott took.

They took turns building the Old North Church and putting lanterns in them.
And then we decided to have our own Tea Party Teatime.

Quentin decided to make placecards.
 James decided to make a game to play.
Suddenly they were all caught up in the excitement and happily working on their own projects, needing no direction from me.

For the teatime, I poured the hot water into a bowl instead of a teapot (If you do this, be careful not to have the water boiling, or it might break a glass bowl. Our kids don't like their tea too hot, so it worked out well for this.) I floated a (washed) plastic boat with teabags in it. The steam coming off the water lended to the atmosphere.

 One by one we became Sons of Liberty and dumped the tea from the boat into the water.

And once the tea was dumped, we shared the teatime snack Katie had made for us...

homemade caramel popcorn, or sweetened parched corn, as they would have called it.
I ladled out cups of tea from the bowl...
 and we played games..
Quentin and I had worked on making a game, too. In ours, you picked different cards depending on whether you were a loyalist, patriot or neutralist.
We also, of course, watched the first seven episodes of Liberty's Kids.

Boston Tea Party
Intolerable Acts
First Continental Congress
Give me Liberty, or give me Death!
Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
The Shot Heard Round the World
Green Mountain Boys & The Capture of Fort Ticonderoga

And, by the way, when they were having the tea party in Boston, my hometown of Chestertown was having its own tea party, which the town celebrates every year in May, where they have a reenactment of the tea being dumped in the Chester river. This is a cute little book we read every year about it.

We can't wait to see what we learn about next week!
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  1. We just started watching Liberty Kids on You Tube! The kids loved the first episode! I'd forgotten all about it!

  2. We love Liberty Kids! It looks like your family had an awesome study. Your tea party is fabulous. :)

  3. Just fantastic - I love every part of it!

  4. I adore your tea party!! The photos the concept everything!!

    We like Liberty Kids too.

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha! You weren't kidding. As you've seen from the wrap up of our battle, we've been watching Liberty Kids too. My kids LOVE it!

  6. OMGosh! I LOVE this. Everything looks SO fun. What a great series of activities to teach about the tea party and Paul Revere's ride! And copying that map was so clever. My son would totally dig that too!


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