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Postcard-Geography Album: Massachusetts, “Old Colony State”

"Hello Bergenholtz's! Greetings from Massachusetts! Hope this postcard finds you well. Happy learning. MA is a great state!! -Kerri"
This week's postcards come from Sea Kettle Diaries in Massachusetts. If you click over to Kerri's blog, you will feel at home immediately. She is that good a hostess. Her blog is all about her little family (husband, a school teacher and little baby, Levi) and her life as an art teacher. It is full of warmth and love for the Lord.
We looked at the map postcard and reviewed where Boston, Plymouth and Salem are located.

"Hello again! I couldn't help but send another postcard, because this man is one of my direct ancestors! Look him up -he was called "The Moses of the North Shore" and settled our city of Salem! -Kerri
And so we looked up Roger Conant.
"Salem was founded at the mouth of the Naumkeag River in 1626, at the site of an ancient Native American village and trading center by a company of fishermen from Cape Ann led by Roger Conant and incorporated in 1629. Conant’s leadership had provided the stability to survive the first two years, but he was immediately replaced by John Endecott, one of the new arrivals, by order of the Dorchester Company. Conant graciously stepped aside and was granted 200 acres of land in compensation. These 'New Planters' and the 'Old Planters'agreed to cooperate, in large part due to the diplomacy of Conant and Endicott." -Wikipedia
 We decided to put on Boston Baked Beans in the crockpot.
 James colored a page for Massachusetts and put together the album page this week.
Here is Sam's map for his notebook.
 The postcard geography tied in very nicely with our colonial history.

"This pictorial celebrates the treasures of the Bay State, and educates as it entertains elementary-aged New Englanders. Older readers will appreciate the guided tour through Massachusett's history, and will learn more about their unique home. Where else could you find John F. Kennedy, Emily Dickinson, and Walden's Henry David Thoreau sharing the spotlight with Roxbury Puddingstones and the Quabbin Reservoir?"

If you would like the recipe for the Slow cooker Baked Beans, just click on the link.

We have visited 25 states and Washington DC.
We still need postcards for these states, if you would like to help us with this project: Mississippi, New Jersey, Vermont, Wyoming

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