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North Eastern Indian Toys and Games: Tiny Indian Doll Pouch

Remember our little Indian girl? She is sporting the wampum belt we made for her, and now she has a tiny beaded pouch as well.

This is a good beginning sewing project because it doesn't take long to make.
Cut a piece of felt about two and a half times the length of the pouch you want to make.
Fold the bottom up about two-fifths of the way up. Sew the edges together with a simple stitch with embroidery thread or thin string. If they have trouble getting a embroidery need through two thicknesses of felt, you can punch some guide hole in it with a nail and hammer, much like we did with our felt treasure pouches.

You can thread some beads on as you go for decoration.

For this pouch, Quentin sewed two beads on the front as well. Leave a length of embroidery thread for the pouch's strap.
The rest of the felt can be folded over as a flap for the pouch. You can punch a whole in the flap large enough for the beads to fit through as a latch for the pouch.
All finished and ready to hold some tiny treasures a little Indian might like, such as acorns.


  1. I love the concentration as they make the little pouch...

    I've recently been noticing how much more grown up your boys are looking they've changed a lot in the past year that I've followed you.

  2. Well, I guess you answered my question on if you punched holes for them. I've seen some ridiculously expensive kits recently that had holes punches in them with felt. I wonder if my fancy hole punch thingy would work for that. Eyelet maker, that's the term.


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