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One day last week my dear blog friends sent our family a lovely packet of all sorts of goodies. I will be showing you more of the goodies later, but today we enjoyed the instructions for how to make a strawberry picture using pastels.
As you may know, we have used several of Hodgepodge's Pastel Tutorials (They now have over 25 of them!) so we were so very excited to receive the actual instruction sheet they used for their tutorial. Now that is a cool gift!
We also wanted to incorporate this art lesson with observing real strawberries and completing a nature study of them. We have done a nature study of the strawberry plant before, but not the berry itself.
We used the questions provided at the Handbook of Nature Study blog.
Notice the strawberry's color, shape, size, seeds, hull, and stem.

Smell the strawberry.
Take the stem in your right hand and the berry in your left hand and pull. What happens?
Look at the seeds on the outside of the berry. What are their size and shape? (use a magnifying glass)
Cut the berry vertically and notice the colored layers. (some red, pink, white, or green)
Are there seeds on the inside of the berry?
Cut a cross section and describe the inside of the berry.

The Handbook of Nature Study blog also has lots of suggestions for Nature Journal entries.

After the strawberry observations, we began drawing strawberries with our pastels instructions.

I think it was easier for them to sketch the strawberry once they had spent some time observing them closely.

artists starting from top left moving down the first row: Quentin (age 7), Phyllis, Quentin (age 7)
top right moving down: Katie (age 19), (left) Alex (age 17), James (age 10)
And here are the results of our efforts!
I like the way they are all unique.

Then we enjoyed a snack of the strawberries with some fresh cut pineapple,

 which we made into kabobs.
What a fun afternoon!


  1. You are the most creative family! Strawberry and pineapple kabobs - yum. How deliciously smart to have a bowl full of strawberries to study and enjoy while creating. I love each and every picture - I also love how they are each unique! Love the green strawberry too :) What a fun afternoon indeed. Love, Tricia

  2. Great strawberry pastels! Would you believe that I don't have ANY pastels in the house?! LOL I should order some! (I have Colorix and Prismacolor pencils on my order right now.) Kabobs look yummy!

  3. yummy! Event the pictures look good enough to eat!

  4. they did a beautiful job!

  5. This is heartwarming!

    A pocketful of joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green island

  6. I love the strawberry study! Looks like great fun!

  7. Not only a cool and refreshing item to draw but sink ones teeth into as well!

  8. Well,certainly I want to get out back and pick some juiciness for myself.

  9. Yum and beautiful! Thanks for linking this post up to the party.


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