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Geography-Postcard Album: Japan

I have a very special postcard to share with you this week. It is from Clarissa who has a lovely blog Kizuna. Clarissa posts about Japan and about various postcards she recieves and about her daily life. They are all so very interesting.

The front of the postcard says, "Lake line: Mt. Bandai with red leaves."
This made us interested in finding out where this was in Japan.

Even the stamps are pretty, which is a good reminder to me -try to send pretty stamps on the postcards I send out.

Alex located Japan on the map of Asia and colored it in.

Alex completed this map of Japan. He has a tendency to write with very large letters, so we decided to cut out printed names of features on the map and he glued them down in the correct places and colored the separate islands different colors.

Here is his completed page with the postcard, the map, title and a little Japanese flag.
Sushi is the perfect food to go with Japan.
The first time we made sushi was a couple of years ago when we first studied Japan.
Click to play Making Sushi
repost from 2/19/09

We have also learned about the Japanese soroban.

One last word about Japan, which is still in the aftermath of the tsunami...

In response to the March 11th earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, HoriPro Entertainment Group songwriters Matt Palmer and Pascal Guyon teamed up to write an inspirational song dedicated to the mothers and children affected by this tragedy. A few weeks later, a choir of children from the Los Angeles HORIPRO Music Academy, ages 3-13, joined the effort to add their voices to the song, and make a music video to accompany their message of hope.
It is HoriPro’s intent to create awareness of the continued need for relief aid to the mothers and children of Japan. As such, HoriPro Entertainment Group is hosting a donation site, www.bestrongjapan.org, offering a song/video package of “Be Strong.” available for download for a minimum donation of $5.00.
The campaign is designed to give contributors control over where their money is sent by allowing 3 options for charities focused on aiding mothers and children—UNICEF, Save the Children, or JOICFP. 100% of net proceeds will be delivered to the organization of their choice. HoriPro is delivering the following official statement:
“Help spread the message of hope and support.
Be Strong. Pass it on.”
(from Art Projects for Kids)


  1. I like the song. It's amazing how quickly we forget about other people's tragedies in this ADD world (and I'm SOOOOO ADD)

  2. I almost cried after watching the video~ we live 15 minutes drive from the seacoast here in Iwaki and the town I have visited before was complety washed away by the tsunami which is so sad...
    I bet you guys had fun making sushi rolls^_^

  3. Hello! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so that I was able to discover yours. :) We'd love to exchange postcards - my son has been collecting as well. We live in Indiana.


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