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Pastels: Queen Anne's Lace

Using this tutorial, at Hodgeodge we made Queen Anne's Lace pictures with chalk pastels.

Katie, age 19

First we used small rectangles of white paper. Katie and I both chose brown for the background. We like to complete the pictures first to troubleshoot any problem areas for the boys. We found that looking at a photograph of actual Queen Anne's Lace very helpful. A vase full of them would have been even better.

Then I decided to try black paper and liked the results.
So, I gave the boys their choice of either white or black paper to work with.

James, age 10

detail, Quentin, age 7
James chose to use the black paper and Quentin, the white. I enjoyed seeing the color choices for the background and the interesting ways in which they made the pictures uniquely theirs.


  1. I like the second drawing you did with the black paper - they really pop on the black.

  2. Wow! This turned out beautifully! I love flower art. :)

  3. These are great! (and, I agree about the black paper)

  4. Those are just beautiful pieces of art! What a fabulous way to teach.

  5. Oh I love seeing the results! What a wonderful idea to do it on black paper. Y'all are so smart!

  6. Ooooh, they are all lovely!

  7. these are so beautiful! my girls love using pastels, but i haven't given them much guidance. thanks for the link and this great idea! i just saw some queen anne's lace about to open down the road...


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