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Postcard-Geography Album: Denmark

This week's postcard came from Denmark via Academia Celestia in Oregon. I had them look at the postcard and think about what clues about the country the postcard gave them. They noted that "the stores or houses are very close to the water." They also thought this country must be very pretty.
(For a photo virtual tour of Denmark, click here.)

They were then not too surprised to find that Denmark was surrounded by water.
Things were hectic for us this week so we were not able to research, read or make a food or Denmark, so I took this opportunity to work on the differences between a country and a continent, which the little boys still confuse, and how they relate to the whole scheme of the world.
I started with them coloring a map of just Denmark with a few countries around it. We talked about how Denmark is a country, just like the United States is a country.

Then we moved out a bit and included all of Europe and we talked about how Denmark was a country in the continent of Europe. They located Denmark and colored it the same color we had used on the other map. We looked at the other countries in Europe, especially noting the ones we had already studied such as Italy, Greece and Germany.

Then we moved out even further to a map of the world and had them locate Denmark on this map.

It was a little tricky because it was so small on this map. I helped them to see the "fingers" of Scandinavia and following them down to Denmark. They colored it the same green color. We looked at where Europe was in relation to the other continents as well.

We have "visited" 13 countries (or 5.77% of the world) in our postcard-geography album.


  1. Phyllis- My husband is from Denmark and we visit there quite frequently. I have some photos on my blog from our winter visit there this year. I can also hook you up with some great recipes if you decide to revisit :). http://childcentralstation.blogspot.com/2010/12/jul-i-danmark-christmas-in-denmark.html




    Let me know if you are looking to "revisit" I have thousands of photos from various places and a lot of great recipes! Did you receive our postcard from Marquette, Michigan yet?

  2. pretty..
    from nostalgia visiting..

  3. I love your postcard album idea ... I'm definitely going to implement this in our curriculum. I'm so thrilled that our postcard could help you ... Denmark was truly beautiful and we hope to go back someday as we didn't have time to see it all. :)


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