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Pay It Forward!

I was the happy recipient of a lovely Pay It Forward package from Makita of Academia Celestia. She knew that I love to learn about different regions and do homeschool activities related to them, so she thoughtfully put together a  package with a Thunderegg, Oregon's state rock, a tube squeezer made from the Myrtle tree grown along the southern Oregon coast and a few Oregon postcards. (You will be hearing more about these items in future posts!)

The one and only guideline for the Pay It Forward fun is that as a recipient you must also Pay It Forward to three people of your choice. There are also no rules about what you can and can't send. Just think of something to brighten someone's day.
If you would like to participate and get a package from us, all you need to do is comment on this post stating that you would like to join in the fun, and leave a way I can contact you and I will send something out to the first three. So you wanna play?

Click here to see our package to HodgePodge.


  1. What a lovely package. I'd love to play but right now I'm scared to make the commitment. We are in survival mode and starting a few new projects right now.

  2. This sounds just magic—I would love to play! That is, if you didn't mind sending stuff all the way to Australia? (Hmmm… you could send a feather, a piece of tissue, and perhaps a kind thought, and it wouldn't cost much in postage at all!! :) )

    Your Pay It Forward package looks lovely. What a really beautiful idea.

    Have a great day!

  3. I love this idea. You always have the coolest things Phyllis!
    We haven't forgotten your postcard. Things have just been a bit crazy around here.

  4. Oh what fun!!! The Hodgepodge would love to play with the All Things Beautiful family :) Do we make it as one of the three? What fun to receive and pay it forward!


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