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Spring Trees Through The Eyes of a 10-Year Old, Part II- One Week Later

 Like Karen suggested in the comments of James' spring trees photos post of last week, James took more pictures of our backyard trees this week.


  1. Your lilacs are a lot further along then ours! I can't wait for ours to bloom, they smell so good :)

  2. What a wonderful photographer your 10yo is! The focus of each of the photos shows his artistic eye. Beautiful spring you are having! I look forward to more of your spring through his eyes :)

  3. It's lovely to see the lilacs...ours will be a while longer yet before they blossom!
    The pictures are so wonderful :)

  4. I really do love lilacs....great job capturing some beautiful spring images again this week!

    I think you should get this son his own camera. :)

    Thank you for sharing your post!

  5. Oh I miss lilacs so much! Best tree ever.

    much love,


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