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Eggs, Eggs Everywhere, Part Six: What Happens Inside An Egg?

This week we looked at what is inside a chicken egg.
Quentin cracked an egg inside a bowl and the boys looked at the different parts, and touched them, feeling the different textures. They are quite familiar with eggs because of helping me out in the kitchen so much, but they had never really looked closely at one. (Sorry I didn't get a shot until after they were done with it and by that time the yolk had broken and spread.)
We washed our hands after to protect ourselves from possible salmonella germs.
I found this worksheet that shows the parts of the egg and I thought it would be a nice idea to make a flat, layered model of it. So, I got out craft foam, paper and yarn, and we cut and glued and learned new names for the parts.
I continue to be surprised at how much individuality the boys can bring to their projects. Quentin opted for orange construction paper rather than the yellow craft foam I had imagined them using. He also decided to draw his chalazae, the string-like fibers that hold the yolk in the middle of the egg, rather than use yarn.
James decided to use this whispy yarn we had.
Alex used some yellow yarn and seperated the fibers a little.
They all used cut-outs of the terms to label their eggs.




We also looked at egg development. When Katie was in first grade we did a duck hatching project, but the project is quite a commitment and I didn't have that time this spring. I would like to so it again in the future, but for now, to help them understand what was going on inside the egg, I found this page  that shows the stages of development of the chicken (last page).
It is supposed to be made into a wheel with paper plates,
but we are going to make booklets instead,
but then again they may each decide to do it slightly differently.


  1. I really like this! We're due to watch the Magic School Bus Cracks a Yolk, sometime soon. The link to the worksheet will make for a nice follow-up :)

  2. Anonymous16.4.11

    This is so cool! I want to come to your homeschool! ;)

  3. very nice egg study! my daughter just saw the pics and said "cool!"

  4. If anyone is interested, I just searched online and found the Magic School Bus video on Google videos. Here's the link:

  5. Bounced your way from Adventures Science Linky.

    This might very well be the coolest egg project ever! Love it!


  6. This is so great! Thankyou for sharing it!

  7. And you couldn't have done this three weeks earlier when we studied eggs? I love the idea of building the model, I'm clipping it for next time we study eggs, which I'm sure will happen again.


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