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St. Patrick's Geography

Map of Ireland
We printed out a 3 x 3 foot map of Ireland and the UK and we all gathered around and colored it together.
The map is to be used by the boys as they narrate the story of Saint Patrick being kidnapped from England and taken into slavery in Ireland, his escape from Ireland back to his home and then his return to Ireland.

You can print out a map like this, and even make it as big as 8 x 8 foot, if you wish at Owl and Mouse.
We are hanging it on our dining room wall for today, but tomorrow we are going to use it as a tablecover for our St. Patrick's Day dinner.
One year I would love to make a map like this out of cloth and then make a Story Bag like this one with a little peg St. Patrick, some sheep and pigs, a little boat and perhaps some raiders figures to go in it.
Green Popcorn
This snack looks like the green shamrock covered hills of Ireland!
Click here for the recipe.

Potato Candy
And, what is planted in those green hills, besides shamrocks? Potatoes, of course!
The kids all had fun making these little spud shaped candies, which are made out of potatoes!
Click here for the recipe.

More ideas for activities about Ireland at Little Wonders' Days.


  1. Great study of Ireland. For some reason I cracked up when I saw the green popcorn. Love the potato idea.

  2. wow, your post is a gallery of St. Patrick's Day ideas. Check out my recent post @ http://blog.memetales.com/2011/03/st-patricks-day-craft-and-book/


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