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Self-Portraits, Albrecht Durer (1471-1528)

Albrecht Durer {1471-1528}
This week we looked at Durer himself. We knew from last week that Durer was a master at woodcuts but we learned this week that he was a multi-talented man as he made watercolors, tempera on linen, pen and ink, and drypoint (type of intaglio) printing in addition to his woodcuts. He, therefore, was an accomplished  painter, printmaker, matematician, engraver and theorist from Nuremberg. Nuremberg was then an important and prosperous city, a centre for publishing and many luxury trades. It had strong links with Italy, especially Venice, a relatively short distance across the Alps. Dürer's godfather was Anton Koberge, a successful publisher in Germany, most famous for his publication of the Nuremberg Chronicle in 1493.

Self Portraits, 1500 & 1498
They added Durer on the history timeline and the older boys made a notebook page on him.

More resources about Durer here.

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