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Postcard-Geography Album: Connecticut, “ The Constitution State”

We were excited last week to receive this postcard from Connecticut. We are always excited to receive a new postcard, but it is doubly exciting when we feel we know the family, even if it is just through the blogosphere. This card was from our good blog friends, Julie and her beautiful sons Daniel and Colton at
 A Celebration of Our Journey.

Julie's blogging style is one in which she shows their daily life -the good and the not so good times- so that you really feel like you are there visiting in her living room with her. It is wonderful. Take a moment to go visit and you will see what I mean.

Since you know we love to have a dish representative of the area we are studying, I asked Julie what she would consider as the dish to represent Connecticut...and she said, "...I think of apples, maple syrup, clam chowder, fish and chips (fried battered fish and fries) as typical..."

I opened a book I happened to come across on my bookshelf, American Grub, Eats for Kid from All Fifty States and it gave a simple recipe for clam chowder, so that is what we made.

And here is the scrapbook page Alex and I made.

It is a page made up of the postcard, the map from United States Coloring Book, which has many of the things that come from the state on it as well as the state bird and flower, and some clippings from a copy of a page from another new book we have been enjoying, Our 50 States, A Family Adventure Across America. We left a space for the photo of the chowder.
"N is for the Nutmeg State, but please don't be mislead. These aren't exactly realy ones, but carved from wood, instead. As one of the 13 original colonies, the state of Connecticut has played a pivotal role in our nation's history- from its Revoluntionary War figures such as Nathan Hale to its captains of industry and invention. "N is for Nutmeg" entertains as it informs readers on the history and geography, facts and folklore of Connecticut- learn why Groton is the submarine capital of the world and how Samuel Clemens got his pen name."

Here is Sam's map for his notebook.

We have in our geography album 10 states (20%) and Washington DC


  1. Love that Our 50 States book! We've checked it out from the library over and over :)

  2. This is so cool. I'm trying to figure out how to get in on this postcard bandwagon. We currently use postcrossing.com to exchange random postcards around the world but there is something very special about getting cards from other homeschoolers and my kids would be thrilled. I'd be happy to send you all one from Mass!

  3. Beautiful!
    Love the way you study Geography. Thank you for linking up to Postcard Exchange meme.


  4. Anonymous16.3.11

    I continue to love this series you are doing! Thanks for the sweet words about my blog!!

  5. Great study on Connecticut. I have been meaning to ask you if you would like a postcard from Washington? We would love to send you one.

  6. And you can let US know if you ever need Arkansas!


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