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Postcard Album: Germany

To go along with our history studies, we completed a geography lesson on modern Germany. We had received this post card from Germany, and it was quite remarkable that we actually got it
as it apparently got wet somewhere along it's travels and it had been written with a felt tip.
This is a good point to remember -it is best not to use felt tip to write on postcards -as I noticed that the postcard I sent to Thailand in which I used a felt tip was a little smudged as well.

The card is of the Hotel Deutscher Kaiser in Nuremberg, Germany.

As usual, we dined on an interesting dish which I had never had before, Spatzel, an egg noodle or dumpling used in the cuisine of southern Germany and Austria. It is a homemade noodle covered with cheese, fried onions and bacon.

photo and recipe from Skip To My Lou

It was different tasting, but Steven, who made it, said that the recipe was a little hard to follow.

We colored in Germany on our map of Europe, and our world map.

This is our album page. Alex insisted on putting the flag as if it were hanging. The blank yellow spot is for the picture of the Spatzel as soon as I get color ink for the printer.

visited 10 countries (4.44%) in our album


  1. Did you just use the words, Egg Noodles, Cheese, Fried Onions and Bacon in a sentence? Oh My Good Gravy, wait - was there gravy? Sounds Yum-o! Oh and I loved the letter tiles too!

  2. My husband is from Northern Germany, and the cuisine is quite a bit different. My favorite dish from the time we visited in winter is Brau Kohl - it's a special kind of cabbage with special sausages. Very yummy!

  3. Hmmm...we used some felt pen - I was wondering about that...but too late.

  4. Thank you for the hint about the felt pen. I guess I wouldn't have thought much about using one on my postcards.


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