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Eggs, Eggs, Everywhere, part four: Where Are Eggs Laid?

We drew a nice scene with a tree and a pond, a little field and a small cliff on our white board. Lots of places to find eggs. We looked at the animals we had put on our chart in terms of where they lay their eggs.
Then we put our egg-layers in our little scene. We had to think about the eggs and why different places would suit different animals and different eggs in order to figure out where they went. We noticed that the different classes tended to lay their eggs together, but not always.
Some eggs went underground, some in trees,  others on cliffs, some in water and others beside the water. Some animals, we discovered, can go in more than one place.
The boys added more details to the scene as we went along.
We also talked about camouflage and how the eggs could be hidden from predators.

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  1. Love this! Great way to help bring this subject to life.


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