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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

1,2,3...I Can Make Prints...In The Fold

A blob of green paint that is a bit runny folded inside a piece of paper...

becomes a leaf. Let dry.

And then a blob or two of red...

 is folded inside again...

and becomes a couple of ladybugs.

Don't you love the texture the paint leaves? It looks like the veins in a leaf.

Let dry again.

Some black paint dotted with a brush...

makes the ladybugs come alive and adds some aphids for them to eat.
I had planned them to fold them again to make them all in perfect symmetry...
Our Garden Mural, January 2008
but they had learned about symmetry when we made ladybug prints three years ago.

 They had their own ideas this time, about making them all different...

so that is what we did. You could also use a thin-tipped black marker to add the details.

What can you  make with painting in the fold?

Paint Cut Paste has some more ideas.

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