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Privateers and Spanish Galleons, Week 3: Navigating

Assignment 1: (Older) Make a Globe or Complete Vector Voyage Worksheets or (Younger) Make a Sextant and practice using it.

Assignment 2: Make a Log Line and practice using it or (Older) Add to your Timeline of Explorers and Pirates. Add Juan Ponce de Leon, Vasco Núñez de Balboa and Francico Pizarro for this week. Make an entry with a picture, name, the country he worked for and for what he was famous. Include a map of his voyages.

Assignment 3: (Younger Students) Play Battleship (on graph paper if you don't own it.) to get you used to using grids or  play this game from Scholastic or
 (Older Students) Ocean Currents -Temperature Currents: Using colored pencils, show the movement of the colored water in the bottles and where it ends up. Label you sketches to show which has cold water and which has hot at the start and later in the experiment. Based on your observations, describe at least one generalization you could make about what happens when water of different temperatures meet.

Each completed assignment is worth 5 dots of movement.

Fates: For the Spanish ships: You have encountered a strong northerly wind. It is blowing directly south. If you are headed for Maderia, the wind is blowing you off your intended course. It will take you time to tack back to get on course again. Boatswain, reduce your moves by 1 dot if you do not have a Boatswain, roll a 6-sided die and reduce your moves by however may dots you roll. If you are headed for the Canary Islands, the wind is in your favor. Roll one die and add that amount to your movement. 
For the Privateer: Following the directions from your sovereign, you are to avoid contact with all westbound Spanish ships in order not to give away your mission. You are told to only attack east-bound ships as these will undoubtedly have treasure aboard. In the meantime fair winds speed you along. Roll a die. If you are on Route 4, an even roll adds two dots to your distance and and odd roll adds three dots to your distance. If you are heading for Route 1, add the number of dots equal to whatever amount of the die roll to your movement.

Part I: Ships
Part II: Life on Board

Part IV: Maps


  1. Wonderful activities! This just looks so well put together.

  2. OHhhh spanish :D
    I love your kind of life, your children look alway so happy and fun.



  3. Battleship is a great idea


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