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Chinese New Year 2011: The Year of the Rabbit

This afternoon we had a great time decorating for our Chinese New Year's Dinner.

I had bought red packets of coins with Chinese symbols on one side and the English equivalent on the other side.

I made rubbings of the Chinese characters side of the six coins...

and stuffed them into our felt fortune cookies.

By evening we had decorated the table.

Katie made origami rabbits and we sprinkled around the table Chinese coins.

Katie made firecracker strings from some firecracker shaped containers that held candy to hang for decorations.

We made some flower blossom tea.

We practiced using chopsticks. This is the first time the little boys had used their adult chopstick sets they got for Christmas. They are used to the kind which are attached together.

These are the candies from the firecracker shaped containers.

When we gave out the felt fortune cookies, they had to search through the coins in the red packets to be able to read their fortunes.

This character means "longevity."

We cleared the table and began our craft...painting fans.

In addition to fortune cookies (edible this time), we had rabbit shaped cookies for the year of the rabbit.
Gung hay fat choy!
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