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Postcard-Geography Album: South Africa!

This is a very special Postcard Geography Album week because we received a handmade postcard from a fellow blogger, Seven (+1), who live in Cape Town, South Africa!!

I immediately recognized the postcard from their post about making summer pictures.

We learned that the Dutch East India Company founded Cape Town in 1652. In 1806 Britain seized control of Cape Colony. Most of the people who lived there were Dutch farmers (established there by the Dutch East India Company) known as Boers. They became unhappy with the British rulers and set off to search for a different place to live. This journey, called the Great Trek, established the colonies of Transvaal and Orange Free State.
If you would like to see more of modern Cape Town, click here.
Alex made a map of Africa and labeled it, but that was all he wanted to add to this postcard-geography page. We can always go back later and add more.

visited 7 countries in our postcard album studies
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  1. That is so special! I love how blogging makes the world a bit smaller...

  2. Anonymous18.1.11

    That is the coolest thing ever! WAY COOL. Amazing how much a simple post card can make a whole family and all of their friends smile!!!!

  3. This is cool, Phyllis. Dh and I are thinking of having the girls start a postcard exchange. I know you have been doing it. Could you pls give me the link on your post that show how to get started with the project?

  4. I agree with with pebblekeeper - very cool!

  5. What a cool postcard! I'm with Wonder Mom, it really does make the world much smaller.

  6. Mrs M,
    I have gotten most of my postcards through Postcrossing.
    I was thinking about starting some sort of homeschool exchange however.
    Would you be interested?

  7. Wow! This is awesome! I love your appproach to geography and history. Thank you for the link to the postcard exchange and for sharing.

  8. So wonderful when we can make the world seem so much smaller for our children. What a special postcard scrapbook page for them and one they will remember fondly.


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