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The Handbook of Nature Study: Hardback vs. Paperback Versions

Well, it finally happened. After many years of near constant use. After many trips in which it was taken along with us in case we found something new. Our beloved Handbook of Nature Study fell neatly apart; into two sections. 
My sweet husband ordered me a new copy for Christmas. He got the hardback version this time, thinking it might hold up a little better to the abuse I give it.

When I first opened it, I was a bit surprised to find that the photos were considerably faded as compared to the paperback version. It looked just like a xerox copy. Well, that is alright, I said to myself. The photos are not the most important part, and if I ever want to refer to them, I can go back to my paperback version to examine more closely. Yes, I kept the two pieces of my old book. It has all my notes and scribbles in the margins. So many adventures and memories inside it.
But then today, I went to the hardback version to look up something in Part IV: Earth and Sky and found out that the hardback version does not have a Part IV! They just left it off, ending the book at page 740 instead of the paperback's version of 887 pages.
Just thought you might want to know in case you are thinking about buying a copy any time soon.
Of course, it is still offered free online here.


  1. I've been debating about purchasing it for awhile now, so that's very good to know.

  2. Maybe having the paperback in two pieces will make it easier to carry around? :) Looking forward to when ours is as well loved as yours.

  3. Thanks for the online linky. It looks fascinating.


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