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Postcard-Geography Album: Georgia, “ The Peach State”

Alex took a turn today making a page in our geography album.
Today we looked at Georgia.
We had three postcards from this state.
Alex  had planned to color a picture of the state bird and flower, but when we looked at the postcards, we saw that one of them had those on it. He cut out the names of them and put them on the page instead, along with the state capital, Atlanta.

He also colored the state in on the map of the United States.

Sam drew his own map.
Georgia is known for its pecans and pecan pie, so to celebrate our learning about Georgia, we made pecan pies. We will add this picture to our page.

Georgia State Unit Study with printable pages here.

visited 3 states (6%)


  1. Great now I have the Georgia song stuck in my head.

  2. I am so looking forward to getting my printer so we can do our scrapbook activities again. I know Selena will enjoy it as well. I love seeing what your family is doing with theirs!

  3. Sweet, the pecan pie looks really yummy. I like the geography album, great idea! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I used to live in Ga. We used to always joke that our state bird was the mosquito.

  5. Anonymous1.12.10

    Wow! I LOVE the idea of having the pages in a scrapbook. Over the years, our lapbook has grown - and We are not doing as many scrap book pages - but if it were IN a scrapbook . . . . . Why have I not thought about that solution??? We might have to make a pecan pie to celebrate Georgia with you. :)

  6. Now you are a real peach for sharing about this! You know I love it. We just finished up our pecan pie from Thanksgiving. (Grandma makes lots!) Love Susannah's comment about the state bird being the mosquito. Burrrrrr - the thermometer reads 27 down here this morning!

    We had a family of brown thrashers in our backyard over the summer. Fun to watch the Daddy teaching the young how to scratch the ground and find food. He'd find something and run over to plop it in the baby bird's mouth.

  7. I find it sweet that Alex is not beyond coloring. Pecan pie looks delicious!


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