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Thanksgiving Week Activity: Turkey Glyph

Today when I announced to my boys that we were only going to do Thanksgiving related activities this week, I don't think they had a math activity in mind! This is another activity from Mathwire.

You have all seen the paper turkeys with multi-colored tail feathers.

Well, the spin on these is that each color represents something on our dinner menu and they had to pick the colors for their turkey's tail feathers that match up to the foods they like and plan to eat from our Thanksgiving menu.
Light Brown- Stuffing
Black- Gravy
Red- Cranberry/Orange Relish
White-Mashed Potatoes
Yellow-Corn on the Cob
Green-Pickles & Olives tray
Light Blue-Deviled Eggs
Orange-Sweet Potato Casserole
Orange Striped-Pumpkin/Cranberry Bread
Tan-Turkey (shaped) Bread
Pink-Tortellini Salad
Dark Blue-Jello
Dark Brown-Pumpkin Pie

For the turkey body, you could choose light brown for white meat and dark brown for dark meat.
James wanted both, so we made his turkey body with both light and dark brown.


Even though this is an early elementry activity, I had everyone in the family do it, so we could have more to graph.




And our vegetarian Dad just made a clutch of feathers.
You can use these to graph preferences.
On a practical level, it can help you to plan how much of each item on the menu to make. And lastly, serve as cute decorations for Thanksgiving Day.
Just as James said, "Each of the turkeys tells a story."


  1. Very nice - I think I'll look at this for tomorrow!

  2. I love glyphs. They're so much fun, and you have enough kids making them for it to be more interesting. They really work better the more kids involved.

  3. You really come up with the best ideas! This is wonderful more ways than one. Now, you know how much food to prepare! And the clutch of feathers made me laugh. Didn't expect that one. :)

  4. Ticia, yes it does work better if you have more people to do it, that is why I got my older kids to do and and my husband and I as well. My older kids are very good sports.

  5. Anonymous30.11.10

    these are cute! we used these pictures as inspiration for Daniel's turkey. =)


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