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Thanksgiving Week Activity: Pilgrim Hat Treats

I saw these cuties on Craftily Ever After and knew at once that they were easy enough for even my youngest to do and simple enough not to be too much for an already busy week.

For each hat, you will need:
1 chocolate coated cookie (Such as Entenman's Raspberry Cookies or Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafer or Fudge Striped Cookies)
1 small Reese's peanut butter cup
tube of yellow or orange frosting with piping tips

Place cookies on work surface; squeeze a dime-size dot of frosting in center of each. Unwrap and invert peanut butter cups on frosting, pressing down gently. Using the round piping tip, pipe a hat-band with frosting around peanut butter cup and a square buckle. Let frosting set before storing. Can be made up to 3 days ahead. Store airtight at room temperature.

I had wanted to show you pictures of the steps, but for some reason they all were blurry. I do have a few photos of our "tea" time to show you, though.
I made a pot of hot chocolate with snowmen marshmallows...

and homemade whipped cream.

We talked about all that we are thankful for...

and all our plans for the week.
A joyous time.


  1. thank you so much for this greats informations !!! good work

  2. I LOVE the Thankful Tea party- I should totally do this next year...

    Also, I have made those cookies before, using the recipe found here at Family Fun:


    Your version seems A LOT easier, however! ;0)

  3. I love the pilgrim hats!

  4. Anonymous23.11.10

    i love that!!! =D

  5. I love the Pilgrim hats- we even made them for our own Thanksgiving celebration. :)

  6. I love homemade whipped cream, it's soooo delicious! Now I want to get some cream to make it.
    I missed this the first time around of posting.


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