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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

November World Nature Walk

November World
A Familiar Spot

still some green in the vines, but most of the plants are vivid colors
in the summer this area is so full of plants, you almost cannot see the fence

the berry bushes along the fence have all their stems visible
Katie gathers the berries in summer and the little ones get the ones she misses and eat them fresh from the vines 

the bursts of color from the trees in fall
replaces the color from flowers in the summer

this is my very favorite tree
the sassafras
partly because of the beautiful colors it changes
and partly because it has three differently shaped leaves

many of the leaves have already fallen
some are already brown, but some are still colorful
these leaves are from the kids' favorite tree, the Norway Maple
they turn yellow in the fall
they love it because it is the tree they climb and the tree the swing is in
it is often the center of their play
I like to walk barefoot, even when it is cold outside

each leaf, even after it has fallen to the ground, is so beautiful, it you take the time to really look at it.

this picture reminds me so much of late November, that transition time between fall and winter

as night falls, James takes the camera as he loves to take pictures of colorful skies...

another late November day ends


  1. Wonderful entry....love the barefoot in the photo. We have ice this morning so no barefeet outside today....everything is crispy and the leaves are all piled up high. The sun is out though so it will be cheerful around the house.

    Beautiful sunset photos. Thank you so much for sharing your November World.

  2. I love the colors where you live! Glorious!!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures! We tried our hand at some dry brush painting a few weeks ago and the leaves we'd selected were Sassafrass leaves. They are just so pretty!

  4. Just love Sassafrass trees- their shape adds winter interest and their leaves in the fall are simply lovely. A whole strand skirts the woods on the edge of our property. We dug a few roots and brewed some "beer" this fall. :) Lovely entry.


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