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Postcard Geography Album: Malaysia

This week we looked at Malaysia. Alex completed the album page this week.
He located it on the continent map of Asia. Alex chose pink to color it in.
We talked about whether it was a hot or cold country by how close it was to the equator.
We also talked about the fact that Malaysia is made up of islands.
He then colored in a more detailed map of the area. We looked at Malaysian recipes so that we might try some and learned that they are very much a combination of Indian (curries) and Chinese (vegetable stir-fry) cuisines. Satay apparently got it's start their and spread to Thailand, where it became popular.

visited 6 countries in our postcard album


  1. Very cool. I actually have a book to read in that area. I'm trying to remember if Tai Pei and Malaysia are the same thing. I think not, but I'm trying to make them the same.

  2. I am so looking forward to when we finish the States and start looking at other continents. Thank you for linking up.


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