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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Picture Study:The Limbourg Brothers, Herman, Paul, and John; (1385 – 1416), The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry; February

For our final picture from the Limbourg brothers, we looked at January's picture from The Very Rich Hours of Duke Berry. After asking them what they noticed from the picture, which led to lots of interesting discussion, (It is amazing to me how many things are in this picture) we compared all of the pictures from the Limbourg brothers. I wanted them to really notice this artist's style so that they could pick it out immediately if they were ever to see something from these artists. We will compare them later to other pictures we study.

Speaking of the style of the artists, we also mounted the pastel landscapes they have been doing to include a  picture of the constellations that are visible at the season of the picture, and these finished pictures will go in the boys own Book of Days.

For more information on the Limbourg brothers, you might want to see the Limbourg Brothers Foundation.
And here at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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